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      Its hard to find anything in dentistry that doesn’t relate to cosmetics in some way. You can’t be a practicing dentist without being mindful of the cosmetics of what we do.


      There is both an art and a science to dentistry. I’ve always considered myself an artist. Dentistry is just one of the mediums I work in.


      Dentistry is pretty much functional art. Not unlike a table or a building. It’s about blending the form with the function to produce a result that is natural, long lasting and visually pleasing to our senses. That it is done on living individuals makes it performance art.


      The challenge lies in bringing it all that together in a way that it tricks the eye, muscles, and memory into thinking it belongs there.                 Sometimes it’s about re-creating what was there before. Other times it’s about figuring out or seeing what’s missing that if it were there would make all the difference.

Some of the cosmetic services we provide are:


  • Home Bleaching Trays
  • Bonding (Also called, resin filling material, tooth colored fillings, composite filling, porcelain fillings)
  • Veneers (porcelain or resin)
  • All Porcelain Crowns (Also called, Porcelain Jacket Crowns)
  • Full Gold Crowns, Gold Onlays, Gold Inlays
  • Implants
  • Dentures, Full and Partial
  • Smile Design
  • Diagnostic modeling
  • Interdisciplinary coordination between specialties–periodontal, oral surgical, orthodontic, endodontic, and pediatric specialists.


      We have made it easy for everyone to take advantage of lighter color teeth by keeping the cost extremely low.

$150 gets you custom trays and a complete take-home bleaching kit.

Why so inexpensive?

      We make it affordable because people like it! Its a great way to promote good will with our patients.


      Once people have bleached their teeth they seem to simply take better care of their teeth. There’s a new pride and an awareness of your teeth. Bleaching doesn’t make your teeth healthier, but they look healthier. It gently removes stain off your teeth that is partly stain build-up and partly a stain left over from the development of the teeth.

Even young teenagers with their relatively new adult teeth see a huge difference in the color.


      As a health care provider, Dr. Paul likes it because occasionally individuals come in with a chipped or damaged front tooth. If they haven’t bleached their teeth (but always wanted to — just hadn’t gotten around to it) it takes almost a month from the time we take impressions to make trays and then they go through the bleaching process (Once a day for 30-45minutes for 8 — 10 days). If they’ve already bleached, matching the filling is a piece of cake, if they haven’t it becomes a guessing game anticipating what the bleached color will be.


      It wasn’t that long ago that you could line up 10 people and pick out the one who had bleached their teeth. California was quick to jump on the bleaching band wagon. Now, if you HAVEN’T bleached your teeth you stand out. fullerton dental orange county dentist fullerton dentistry orange county dentistry



      Implants continue to be an ever more popular treatment option for replacing missing or lost teeth. As more and more adults are keeping most of their teeth, there are still situations that arise where teeth are lost — trauma from accidents, biting the wrong way on the wrong thing and splitting a tooth, failure of the tooth to develop. Whatever the reason, implants remain a very predictable way to replace missing teeth.


      Dr. Paul works with a number of local specialists who are adept at placing implant fixtures into alveolar (jaw) bone. By design and coordination there are a variety of replacement tooth options that are then secured to the implant depending on the individual needs of the patient. Most often porcelain crowns are cemented directly over the implant post (abutment). Some implants are used to secure full or partial dentures when key teeth are missing. This can be done with conventional implants or with smaller “mini” implants.


      Dr Paul uses the the IMTEC Mini Implant system in his office. This option is simple to place, less expensive than conventional implants, and can be used immediately. It is a great option for people who have lost their last remaining anchor tooth on a partial denture or for someone who has a poor fitting, floating, or loose full denture.

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