If you’ve noticed notches in the enamel of your teeth at the point along which the gums meet the tooth (known as the “gingival margin”), you likely have a form of tooth loss known as “abfraction.” This loss of tooth structure is not caused by decay. Instead, it can be traced to forces exerted on the teeth associated with tooth grinding (known as “bruxism”). While there is some disagreement as to how abfraction occurs, it is widely accepted that people who grind their teeth subject them to inordinately high forces that cause enamel to be shed. Treatment is two-fold. First, bruxism must be addressed with a custom nighttime mouth guard. Then, the damaged teeth must be filled with bonding agent.

At the office of PAUL E. NELSON, D.D.S., we can address any of your dental concerns. We provide individual care to our patients in a comfortable, professional environment. If you know of anyone in need of quality dental care, we would appreciate your referral. We are currently accepting new patients at 100 N. State College Blvd., Suite 1, where our purpose is to help people reach and commit to the highest level of dental health personally appropriate to them. Please call 714.992.0092 to schedule an appointment.

P.S. Loss of tooth enamel may occur at the gingival margins as a result of brushing teeth too hard with a hard-bristle toothbrush.

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