Open and Shut Cases

Some patients experience abnormal occlusal (bite-related) conditions that occur when the upper and lower teeth do not make contact at the same time. In some cases, one tooth may contact its opposing counterpart before the rest of the teeth in the dental arch. When this happens, it can result in non-uniform stresses in the mouth while chewing, which can be problematic. Another condition involving abnormal occlusion (malocclusion) is tooth-grinding (bruxism). Approximately one-third of all adults grind and clench their teeth, which causes excessive tooth wear. Yet, because many tooth-grinders are unaware of their conditions, the problem persists. If the dentist finds evidence of any of these problems, they can be brought to the patient’s attention and addressed.

P.S. In some cases, all it takes to correct a problematic bite is to grind down a protruding portion of tooth.

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