Getting Your Teeth Into Better Shape

Minor tooth problems such as crooked, chipped, cracked, irregularly shaped, or slightly overlapping teeth can be resolved with a cosmetic technique known as “tooth recontouring” or “reshaping.” This procedure involves using a sanding drill or a diamond burr to sculpt tooth enamel and even reduce the length of teeth when necessary. The treated teeth are then smoothed and polished. For this procedure to be effective, it only takes a relatively small amount of enamel reduction to get the desired result, and anesthetic is usually not required. Not only does tooth recontouring improve the appearance of one’s smile, but it also can be used to remove pockets where food and plaque collect and to make it easier to floss.

P.S. If more than tooth recontouring is required to improve the appearance of teeth, the dentist may incorporate “bonding” into the treatment, which involves using tooth-colored resin to build up irregularities on tooth surfaces.

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