Oral Health Linked With HPV Infection

Recent research suggests that people with human papilloma virus (HPV) infections have a three-fold greater risk of developing esophageal cancer. More recently, researchers also found that people with poor oral health had a 56% increase in the risk of HPV infection of the mouth and throat. Therefore, while esophageal cancer is also linked to risk factors such as smoking, excessive drinking, poor diet, and chronic acid reflux, oral health is another modifiable risk factor. With this in mind, smokers may want to cut out smoking, cut back on drinking, and seek medical help for dealing with chronic acid reflux as well as step up their efforts to improve their oral health in order to cut their oral/esophageal cancer risk.

People with poor oral health are possibly more likely to have an oral HPV infection. Is it time for a professional dental checkup? At the office of PAUL E. NELSON, D.D.S., we want you to receive the highest quality of complete, affordable dental care. Because looking good and feeling good are important to us all, it is wise to maintain a healthy and attractive smile throughout life.

P.S. HPV can be prevented in both men and women through the HPV vaccine.

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