Bad Breath (Malador)

The number one reason for bad breath is:

Too much bacteria in your mouth.

      Bacteria are responsible for most of the stench that comes out of our mouths. Add to that the onion or garlic from dinner last night. Brushing removes most of that type of bacteria and leaves your breath fresh. Don’t forget to brush your tongue. Half of the bacteria we’re talking about reside in the rough surface of your tongue. Less common, and sometimes more offensive odors are often caused by pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria.

A variety of pathogenic  bacteria cause periodontal (gum) disease.

      These disease-causing bacteria live under your gums or in the tartar(calculus) buildup on your teeth. Toxins released by these bacteria damage your gums and the bone that secure and support your teeth. A growing body of evidence suggests these same toxins my be linked to some forms of high blood pressure and heart disease. Dr. Paul feels the one of the most significant services his office has to offer is intercepting and treating individuals for periodontal disease. We are able to determine often by smell, but also clinical examination, radiographs (x-rays), and sometimes bacteriologic culture which individuals may have these bacteria in their mouths. These bacteria can generally be treated with simple antibiotics and regular dental cleanings.


​(Note: Family pets–dogs,especially– are common sources for these types of bacteria. Don’t let your dog lick your face or mouth. Wash your hands after petting or playing fetch especially just before you eat.) fullerton dental orange county dentist fullerton dentistry orange county dentistry

Lastly, there are several non-dental sources of bad breath to consider:

Stomach (gastric) acid from acid reflux
can leave a very characteristic smell on your breath. Antacids, Prilosec, may be helpful. Avoid laying down on a full stomach. Avoid late night eating, especially chocolate or alcohol.

Tonsils sometimes release wax-like "curds" of trapped food, dead cells and bacteria discharge from tonsilar crypts (small nooks and crannies in or around the tonsils) that can be the most offensive odor of them all. Often the end result of a sore throat, or other infection in the head and neck area. Perhaps the one odor we fear the most. Most of us recoil when we encounter someone with this. Brushing the whitish coating on the back of the tongue can help with this one. Having your tonsils out can help reduce or eliminate this as well.

​Zerostomia (dry mouth) is a reduction in saliva often caused by medications (such as, antihistamines, decongestants, high blood pressure pills, alcohol) which results in an environment where bacteria flourish thereby causing maldodor and a much higher risk of and rate of decay.

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