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       We take pride in serving the needs of all age groups. From as young as 2 to 102, we can provide treatment to nearly everyone. Since the mid 50’s when my father first opened his practice in the small house on Spadra (now Harbor Blvd) the Nelson family has been providing dentistry to residents of Fullerton and its many outlying communities. Fourth and fifth generation family members are still the lifeblood of my practice.

      We recognize a child’s first appointment is often the most impressionable. We strive to make their first experiences as positive as possible. When we accomplish that we find those kids become the easiest to work on as adolescents and adults.
Dentistry is a partnership, a dance if you will, that is personal and individual, based on a foundation of trust and open communication. Everyone has different needs and wants and those have to be understood and discerned at the very beginning.

      From the eruption of that very first tooth to providing comfort for one’s last few days of life, and everything in between we remain a resource for healthy living to all members of your family.  fullerton dental orange county dentist fullerton dentistry orange county dentistry

When should my children have their first visit?

      We typically start seeing children for their first cleaning and exams between 3 and 4 years old.

If there is an obvious problem or concern please do not hesitate to bring your child in to be checked. Often tha first appointment works best if Mom or Dad is having their teeth cleaned and checked that same day. We will usually see the older family member first and let the youngster just observe. It works out far better that way as there are no surprises and the mystery of what will happen gets dealt with in a very friendly, unthreatening way.

      Not every child is ready at

that first time. Some only want

to watch, some will go as far

as a ride up and down in the

chair.We tailor that first

appointment to whatever 

level they are ready for.

Other things you should know

       We do allow parents to be in the treatment room. It can be reassuring to the children to have a parent there. Some kids do well having their hand held while we work our magic.

       I do not use restraining devices of any kind. I don’t use “hand over mouth” technique. Your kids get treated just like my own kids, (only I’ll be nicer to yours). I have four kids of my own. They’re all grown, now. Yes, my kids ate candy. Yes, my kids got cavities. I worked on them for years before they figured out they were getting “shots.” They thought they were getting “sleepy juice.”

      Sometimes prior bad experiences make it really difficult, if not impossible to safely deliver treatment. Nitrous oxide is an inhaled substance delivered with a mask that can help children (and adults) relax and “not care” so much. It can help some kids over their fear.

From time to time we do have to stop

in the middle of a procedure for the 

safety of your child or us. If ever

that happens, we have a number 

of excellent local pediatric                              dentists (child specialists) 

that can always get the job


When should my children have their first visit?

Avoid waiting until your child has a tooth

ache to bring them to the dentist for the

first time. It happens, though. We will

likely prescribe antibiotics, if needed,

and get their pain under control before 

we render much in the way of actual 

treatment. They'll get an exam, a ride

in the chair, and a toy on the

way out. — goes a long way in getting

their cooperation at a later date.

Less is better. Don’t try and prepare

your child for the shock and horror of

your first experience at the dentist. In 

other words, don’t saddle them with your baggage. You will only freak them out. And don’t let older siblings, either. Give them the opportunity to have their own experience.

Watch what you say: Avoid using certain words that most people associate with bad experiences.

Don’t explain in great detail about how they might be getting "a shot" and that "it won’t hurt". That’s like taking your kid to the park and prefacing a ride on the swings with: “Don’t worry this won’t hurt.” It plants a seed of fear and distrust before we even get started.

Don’t use the word “shot." We even avoid using the word “injection". We “give teeth sleepy juice”, we “make your teeth go to sleep," We also don’t use "needles". That’s right! You can tell your adult friends, too. We use “tips.". Needles may as well be big sharp rusty barbed fish hooks! 

Older patients

      It’s happening to all of us. We’re getting older. Older patients  sometimes have different needs. As with any age,                          identifying problems and managing risks                                sometimes requires different approaches                                    and treatment recommendations. Dry mouth,                                or zerostomia, may be the biggest problem                                    facing older age groups. We have a                                          number of very effective strategies for                                        reducing the effects of dry mouth the                                          worst being fast aggressive decay.

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